Chile Pepper Seed Kit Chili Pepper Seeds with Growing Supplies

  • $ 10.95

Chile Pepper Seed Kit Chili Pepper Seeds Organic Vegetable Seeds with Growing Supplies

This listing is for a Chile seed pepper kit with seed starting supplies. Organic chile peppers are easy to grow from seed. The plants are small which makes them perfect for container gardening. The seed kit includes a full packet of Onza Chile pepper seeds. I'm also including a round peat pot and potting soil. The soil is a high quality, organic growing mix. I'm also including a wooden plant marker to keep track of your seedlings. This is a mini starter kit. There are 25 seeds in the packet so you can start a few indoors early in the season and more in the summer.

Onza Roja Chile Pepper plants will be loaded with peppers! This is a slightly sweet medium heat chile type pepper. Onza originates from Ozxaca, Mexico. It is a great pepper for drying. Also works well when added to soups and sauces. The 2-3 elongated peppers start out green and mature to a rich red. 2 1/2 foot tall plants are abundant producers.

Peppers grow best in full sun and well drained garden soil. All seeds come with complete growing instructions.