Broomcorn Seeds Mixed Broomcorn Sorghum bicolor Great For Drying

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Mixed Colors Broomcorn Seeds Sorghum bicolor Fresh From This Year's Harvest.

Sorghum bicolor, or Mixed Broomcorn is a fun and easy crop to grow. Each seed packet contains 100+ colorful seeds. The seeds are a great mix of beautiful rust colors, burgundy and dark, almost black seed heads. Broomcorn is easy to grow in any sunny area. Broomcorn plants can reach 8-10 feet in a growing season. Plants need very little water and no staking. Even a small sorghum stand will yield lots of seed heads for drying. Broomcorn is great  for autumn decorating. Easy to weave into a wreath or holiday swag.

Seeds are harvested and cleaned by hand. Small natural bits of chaff may be present. Seeds come with complete growing, harvesting and drying instructions.