Birdhouse Gourd Seeds, Bottle Gourds, Lagenaria siceraria, Great for Crafts and Birdhouses

  • $ 3.99

Bottle Gourds or Birdhouse Gourds, are fun and easy to grow. Gourds are easy to raise from seed and great for beginning gardeners. Grow in full sun and well drained soil. Great for fall decorating and craft projects. Gourds are great for rustic birdhouses. Once cleaned and dried drill the appropriate size opening and a few drainage holes. This listing is for 15 bottle gourd seeds harvested fresh from last fall's crop. Your seeds will arrive in a brown kraft paper envelope. Complete gourd growing instructions included.

 These gourds are easy to grow. Just give them plenty of sun and room to run. I let my vines scramble across the ground and each gourd develops a slightly different shape. We have had a terrible drought here in Arkansas the past few summers but my gourds produce and thrive despite the conditions.