Apple Gourd Seeds Grow Your Own Gourds Lagenaria siceraria

  • $ 3.99

Apple Gourds are fun and easy to grow from seed. The plants form large apple shaped gourds that are great for many craft projects. This listing is for 15 seeds fresh from this year's gourd crop. All orders come with complete growing instructions. 

Gourds will grow best in full sun with plenty of room to run. Gourds can also be trained up trellises if space is limited. Gourds are easy to begin from seed and make this a great choice for gardening with kids. The gourds also make great gifts for their teachers! The gourds will start out green and ripen and dry to a natural brown color. 

Mountainlily Farm is a licensed plant nursery in the Ozark Mountains. All seeds are cleaned by hand and small natural bits of chaff will be present. We garden naturally without the use of chemicals.