Florence Fennel Seed, Green Fennel Seeds, Foeniculum vulgare Butterfly Host Plant

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Florence Fennel is a green variety of Fennel and is often grown for the large bulbs produced by the plant. The bulb can be used in many recipes including fish and Italian recipes. Green fernlike foliage often resembles dill. The foliage is topped by yellow umbel flowers in the summer. I use the yellow flowers as filler in informal cottage style flower arrangements. Fennel is a great host plant for swallowtail butterflies. See last photo. The yellow flowers will bring much need pollinators to the garden. I allow half my plants to continue past the bulb formation and go to seed harvesting. The seeds have an anise like flavor.

45 Seeds in each packet. Complete growing instructions included with your order. All seeds are harvested and cleaned by hand. There may be small bits of chaff mixed in with the seeds. These seeds are not intended for culinary use.