Cilantro Seeds Slow Bolt Cilantro Herb Garden Seeds Grow Your Own Cilantro

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Slow Bolt Cilantro Seeds Herb Garden Seeds Fresh From This Year's Crop.

This listing is for 45 organically grown Cilantro seeds. Cilantro is a wonderful herb to use in fresh salsa and picante recipes. The seeds, known as coriander, are used in Moroccan dishes and many Asian recipes.

Cilantro grows best as a "cool season" herb. I sow several batches spaced a few weeks apart for a continual harvest. In mild winters I have notice cilantro seedlings popping up as early as February! It always surprises me since this herb is native to the Mediterranean region. This variety is slower to bolt, set flowers and seed, than other varieties. That being said I usually take a break from sowing when our difficult summer heat returns. I always include cilantro in my fall garden and the plants can even take a very mild frost.

Your seeds will come packaged in a simple kraft paper envelope. Complete growing instructions included with each order.