Curled Parsley Seeds Petroselinum hortensis Herb Garden Parsley Great for Butterfly Gardens

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Organic Curled Parsley Seeds Great for Organic Herb Gardens. Petroselinum hortensis

This listing is for 50 organically grown triple curled leaf parsley seeds, Petroselinum hortensis. Parsley forms bush like plants and will provide a continual harvest of large flat leaves. The variety of parsley is a biennial in zones 6-9 and will form seeds the second year. It can be grown as an annual in other zones.

Parsley is easy to grow in well drained garden soil in full sun. It is rarely bothered by disease or pests and makes this a great choice for beginner gardeners and kids. Parsley is also an easy herb for window box herb gardens. I use it as a border plant along the pathway in my herb garden. Parsley is also a host plant for many butterfly caterpillars. It is a must for butterfly gardens. I see more butterfly larvae on the curled leaf varieties of parsley.

Your seeds will come packaged in a brown kraft paper envelope. Complete growing instructions included with each order.