Blue Hyssop officinalis, Great for Bee Friendly Gardens and Herb Gardens

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Blue Hyssop officinalis is an ancient herb with a distinct camphor like fragrance. Hyssop is one of the best plants for attracting bees and other beneficial pollinators to the garden. This herb has a history of being used in traditional Knot Gardens as it can be sheared and shaped. I use it to line the path of my herb garden. Hyssop is rarely bothered by bugs or disease making it a great choice for beginning gardeners. Some people claim it is a great companion plant to vegetables as it repels flea beetles and cabbage moths.

Hyssop officinalis is hardy in zones 4-9. Like most herbs it prefers to grow in full sun and well drained soil. Hyssop will form bushy plants 1 -1 1/2 feet tall. All seeds come packed in a kraft paper envelope with complete growing instructions.