Pastel Mix Celosia Seed, Mountainlily Farm Mixed Celosia Seeds in Soft Colors and Forms

  • $ 4.25

The exclusive Mountainlily Farm Pastel Mix Celosia blooms in a variety of soft, pastel shades. Celosia is a wonderful addition to flower gardens and will add Texture and color. The Pastel Mix Celosia is great for cut flower gardens. The soft colors and unique forms make it ideal for filler in casual summer bouquets. This annual Celosia mix created itself in a back border of the cutting garden. Each season plants in various pastel shades volunteer. The blooms are a mix of wheat type celosia and cockscomb celosia. I've also added a terra cotta wheat celosia to the blend. 100 seeds per packet. 

Celosia is a warm season annual and should be planted out after all danger of frost. Each seed order comes packed in a simple kraft paper envelope with detailed growing instructions. This listing is for 100 seeds. The seeds are very tiny so I include a few extras. Seeds are cleaned by hand and small natural bits of chaff may be present.