Heirloom Zinnia Seed Collection, Easy to Grow Zinnia Starter Garden Kit

  • $ 28.95

The Heirloom Zinnia Seed Collection contains 6 varieties of gorgeous and easy to grow annual Zinnias. Heirloom Zinnias are the superstar of the summer garden. Each heirloom variety will provide loads of blooms for cut flower arrangements and for the butterflies. Zinnias are easy to start from seed and make a great gift for beginner gardeners as well as more experienced growers. The 6 seed varieties will come in individual packers along with peat pots, peat pellets, and wooden plant markers. Each order comes with complete growing instructions. 

The seeds and seed starting supplies will come packed in a recycled kraft box measuring 5x5x5. Each box is embellished with a colorful photograph taken here at the farm. The seed varieties include:

Queen Red Lime Zinnia
Benary's Giant Mix Zinnia
Purple Dream
Benary Giant Red
Senorita Cactus 
Pastel Mix Zinnia 

These are all full sized seed packets and contain a minimum of 25 seeds each. All seeds are fresh from this year's harvest. Mountainlily Farm is a licensed nursery. We garden naturally and without chemicals.