Hairy Balls Milkweed Seed, Gomphocarus physocarpus, Swan Plant or Family Jewels Milkweed Seeds

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This very unusual Milkweed goes by many common names- Hairy Balls Milkweed or Family Jewels Milkweed. This is a tropical milkweed from Africa that is hardy in zones 9-11. This plant is sometimes known as Balloon Plant or Swan Plant. Grow this milkweed as an annual in colder regions. I save seed at the end of the season for the next year. This is a host plant for Monarch butterflies. The young larvae feed on the leaves and the adults return to enjoy the nectar. 

Gomphocarpus is easy to grow from seed in full sun. The plants can reach 4-5 feet tall. The flowers of this milkweed are white with maroon centers. This is where the other common name Swan Plant comes from. I use this plant as the WOW factor in mixed plantings. The seedpods are large lime green translucent balloons.The pods are also great in cut flower arrangements.

All seeds come packaged in a kraft paper envelope with complete growing instructions. 25 Seeds per pack. 

NOTE: Milkweeds are poisonous. Always use caution when planting near pets and children. Some people find the milky sap to be a skin irritant.