Cupcakes Mix Cosmos Seeds, Easy to Grow Annual Cosmos

  • $ 4.45

Cupcakes Blush Cosmos produces loads of ruffled pink and white flowers. Delicate pink blooms with central petals give the blooms the appearance of cupcake wrappers. Some of the plants produced single blooms so not all will have the extra layer of petals. Each plant produces buckets of flowers for cut flower arrangements. I harvested a lot of blooms and still had plenty in the field for the butterflies and bees to enjoy. Each packet contains a minimum of 25 seeds.

Cupcakes Mix Cosmos can be grown as an annual in zones 3-10. Once the plants are established they are extremely drought tolerant. Deer don't seem to bother Cosmos. The flowers are attractive to many of the smaller skipper type butterflies. Annual cosmos is also great to bring pollinators of all types into the garden.